Successful participation in the international round robin tests

The colouristic testing laboratory participates every year in the international round robin tests organized by TESTEX AG Swiss Textile Testing Institute with headquarters in Zürich. The testing institutes are verified in the tests for determination of colour fastness in the conditons of use in the frame of the round robin tests.

Tests performed in the frame of the interlaboratory excercise are as follows: colour fastness to washing, colour fastness to perspiration, colour fastness to water, colour fastness to rubbing, colour fastness to dry cleaning and colour fastness to light.

The accredited colouristic testing laboratory participated in determination of comprehensive colour fastness for 3 times in 2020; 28 – 30 parameters are evaluated in the frame of one verification of the international round robin tests. The accredited testing laboratories of VÚTCH-CHEMITEX, spol. s r.o. passed sucessfully the round robin tests, on the basis of the results TESTEX AG Zürich issued a certificate about successful participation in 2020.