VUTCH Notification: Change of business name

Dear customers, Dear business partners, the Accredited Testing Laboratory and the Certification Body certifying products belong to the new company VUTCH s.r.o. Žilina from September 1, 2023.

The owner of the company make a decision to change from VUTCH-CHEMITEX to the new company VUTCH with the purpose to do more effective activities and management of the company in the field of product testing and certification.

This is exclusively an administrative - legal change, which consists in changing the name of the company and its identification number (company registration number, VAT registration number). The address of the new company's headquarters, its structure, staffing and contact details (phone numbers, e-mails, website) including the bank account remain unchanged. Contact details of the new company VUTCH s.r.o. can be found on our website

Despite from this formal change we believe in your favor and trust and we will look forward to further cooperation with you.