Research of antimicrobial nanoadditive for fibres and foils “AMB-NANO-VLAFO”

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Basic information:

Project title: Research of antimicrobial nanoadditive for fibres and foils “AMB-NANO-VLAFO”
Identification number of the project: APVV-15-0016
Duration of the project: 20.07.2016 – 31.12.2018
Applicant: VÚTCH-CHEMITEX, spol. s r.o., Žilina
Co-operating institution:
Research Institute for Man-Made Fibers (VÚCHV a.s.), Svit
Responsible investigator: Ing. Jozef Šesták, CSc.

Characteristics of the project:

The project focuses in the frame of solution of Partial task- 01 on applied material and technological research of the innovative technological procedures for preparation of original antimicrobial (AMB) nanoadditive using nanotechnologies, nanocarriers and AMB active nanoparticles. AMB nanoadditive will be applied in the frame of Partial task – 02 of the project to new progressive solid dispersions of AMB nanoadditive in PE and PP polymer matrix, designed for progressive AMB modified PP nanocomposite fibres and subsequently textiles and for AMB nanocomposite PE and PP packing and protective foil materials. The AMB additive prepared in the frame of the research and its solid dispersions in PE and PP polymer matrix have no equivalent on the world market at present. Besides, comprehensive technological documentation will be elaborated for introduction of manufacture of the above-mentioned progressive products using the innovative technologies in industrial practice. Realization of these original products with enhanced added value will significantly strengthen competitiveness and export potential of the implementors.