Research of technologies and products for smart and technical textiles (VY-INTECH-TEX)

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Basic information:

Project title: Research of technologies and products for smart and technical textiles (VY-INTECH-TEX)
ITMS code of the project: 26220220134

Character of the project:

  • Operational program: 2620002 OP Research and development
  • Priority axis 2: Support of research and development
  • Measure 2.2: Transfer of knowledge and technologies obtained by research and development to practice

Call code: OPVaV-2010/2.25/05-SORO
Duration of the project: 01/2011 – 12/2014
Applicant: VÚTCH-CHEMITEX, spol. s r.o., Žilina
Co-operating institution: University of Žilina (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology)

Responsible investigator for Activity 1.1:  Ing. Jozef Šesták, CSc.
Responsible investigator for Activity 1.2:  Ing. Dana Rástočná Illová, PhD.
Responsible investigator for Activity 1.3:  Ing. Mária Húšťavová
Responsible investigator for Activity 2.1:  Ing. Ľudmila Balogová

Characteristics of the project objective:

  • Activity 1.1: Research of preparation and application of special nanosols using low- temperature plasma for textile finishing.
  • Activity1.2: Research of application of low-temperature plasma for enhancement of performance characteristics of technical textiles.
  • Activity 1.3: Research in the field of textile human ecology and product life cycle.
  • Activity 2.1: Research of smart textiles preparation.

Further information:

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