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Face masks and/or textile protective masks – basic requirements

Shortage of personal protective equipment, such as filtration face half masks during the present pandemic Covid-19 is one of main worldwide challenges. Many manufacturers of conventional textile and clothing products started to develop and manufacture face masks in last days. They are characterized by high diversity from a viewpoint of material quality, protection level as well we potential group of their users.

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Successful participation in the international round robin tests

The colouristic testing laboratory participates every year in the international round robin tests organized by TESTEX AG Swiss Textile Testing Institute with headquarters in Zürich. The testing institutes are verified in the tests for determination of colour fastness in the conditons of use in the frame of the round robin tests.

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Newsreel on using care labels for textiles and clothing

Výskumný ústav textilnej chémie (VÚTCH) - CHEMITEX, spol. s r.o., člen - pozorovateľ medzinárodného združenia GINETEX (symboly pre údržbu textílií a odevov) usporiadal odborný seminár „Aktuality v používaní symbolov pre údržbu textílií a odevov" ktorý sa uskutočnil dňa 5. 12. 2013 v Žiline.

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